Adrien Brault

Adrien Brault

Noisiel, France



Software Engineer at Hautelook

Adrien Brault is a member of the community since July 2011.

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Adrien Brault is a member of these clubs:

  • AFSY

    Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Symfony

  • Paris

    Parisiens, ce club est pour vous ! N'oubliez pas de publier ce club sur votre profil !


    SUPINFO is today a worldwide higher school in Computer science thanks to its own international network dedicated to information technology. SUPINFO has become in France the first higher school in Computer science in term of trained student number and also in term of national coverage. SUPINFO is one of the few higher education schools where information systems training is at the core of postgraduate courses from the very first year of the programme. The Academy provides a general IT training covering all the latest technologies used in today Information Technology industry: software engineering, systems and networks, artificial intelligence, data analysis, internet and intranet technologies, business intelligennce, ERP, multi-media, etc.

Projects - 8

  • castle

    My dotfiles, installable via homesick

  • itunes-client

    PHP Library to query itunes feeds and api

  • SUPINFO-B2-Dev

    Rempart simplified clone for Mac. Objective-C/Cocoa. B2 dev group project 2010/2011 at #SUPINFO

  • SUPINFO-B2-Java-JasterMind

    Mastermind clone with a client/server architecture. School project "Java SE" B2 2010/2011 at #SUPINFO

  • SUPINFO-B2-WebDev

    Website to manage an inventory. Symfony 2.0 Beta 4. B2 web dev school group project 2010/2011 at #SUPINFO

  • SUPINFO-B3-HubNews

    WP 7.1 MVVM rss reader. School project ".NET - Mobility & User Experience" B3 2011/2012 at #SUPINFO

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