Abdelaziz Khabthani

Abdelaziz Khabthani

Ariana, Tunisia

Software Engineer, IP-TECH Group


Software engineer, Alfresco/Java developer and a graphic design enthusiast from Tunisia.

Abdelaziz Khabthani is a member of the community since January 2014.

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Abdelaziz Khabthani is a member of these clubs:

  • Symfony Tunisia Community

    Nous sommes des fans autour du framework Symfony, des développeurs, des chefs de projets, des étudiants et des chefs d’entreprises doués par ce fameux framework php. Une communauté qui englobe ses compétences dans une seule plate forme intellectuelle pour partager notre savoir faire avec nos collaborateurs.

Projects - 19

  • abdelaziz-khabthani.github.io

    Abdelaziz Khabthani's Personal Website.

  • arduino-DS1821-logger

    A simple Arduino SD card datalogger using the DS1821 temperature sensor, and a generic SD card reader.

  • colocTn-Flatshare

    Flat-Share and Flat-mate web application for students, using Symfony Framework, Bootstrap and Google Maps API.

  • Ddos-java

    Simple Ddos Script in Java

  • formio.js

    JavaScript powered forms and SDK for https://form.io

  • forward-chaining-expert-system_javafx

    Simple AI forward chaining expert system, using Java8 and JavaFX.

  • image-processing-matlab

    Image processing application using MATLAB

  • medic-sql

    An SQL database for a medical office.

  • moozika

    A radio like web application, that stream random songs to end users, made with Laravel framework and X-Sendfile HTTP protocole.

  • ng-live-chat

    Real time chat application using Angular 2 and Firebase.

  • openshift-springBoot

    Ready to plug Openshift 2 Spring boot cartridge (data JPA and MySql, Web, security)

  • project-manager-javaEE

    Project Management System using Spring Framework (Core, Security, ORM), JSF with Primefaces and Hibernate ORM.

  • roms-basic

    ROMS Project is a simple, yet so helpful, tool to share my ROMS collection with my friends.

  • soap-php

    SOAP PHP application using the bottom-up and the top-down approachs.

  • spotify-dl

    Simple hack to download your Spotify's saved tracks.

  • spring-rest

    An experimental RESTful API based on the 3rd level of the Richardson Maturity Model.

  • symfony3-swift

    SwiftMailer with symfony demo

  • zooManager-swing

    Simple desktop application built with Java8 and Swing.

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