Kevin Boyd

Kevin Boyd

Victoria, Canada

ACD Systems


Software developer, amateur photographer, and avid television viewer.

Kevin Boyd is a member of the community since November 2011.

Projects - 5

  • arkas

    Arkas, the Code Hunter

  • CacheBundle

    Symfony2 bundle for memcache and other caching interfaces

  • Pulse

    Simple one-file PHP script to provide some encrypted server information

  • supy-packagist-plugin

    Supybot plugin for searching

  • Thotter

    It's like twitter, but for people who can't be constrained to 140 characters - there is a ten-word *minimum* before posts will be accepted. Written for Symfony 2.1, with plans to open source it soon. Also leverages Twitter Bootstrap, KnpMarkdownBundle, and MarkItUp for pseudo-Wysiwyg markdown editing.