Darragh Enright

Darragh Enright

Cork, Ireland



Just another PHP Developer.

Darragh Enright is a member of the community since July 2009.

Projects - 12

  • APCUserCache

    A wrapper for APC's user cache implementing a subset of APC functions for managing cache items.

  • cainteach.ie

    Domain holding repo

  • ConsoleLog

    A simple static logger class for dumping PHP variables to the browser console

  • DelimiterFinder

    A utility class that reads a .csv or .dat file and tries to guess the delimiter

  • .dotfiles

    A home for random config and environmental files for linux, vim etc.

  • DrumMachine

    A crappy in-browser drum machine using the HTML5 WebAudio API

  • LokiJS

    javascript embedded / in-memory database

  • Notes

    A totally broken unfinished proof-of-concept

  • utils

    Scripts and miscellaneous bits and bobs

  • whois


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