Dries Vints

Dries Vints

Antwerp, Belgium

Web Developer, BeatSwitch


Lead Developer at BeatSwitch.

Dries Vints is a member of the community since September 2013.

Clubs - 1

Dries Vints is a member of these clubs:

  • phpspec

    A php toolset to drive emergent design by specification.

Projects - 7

  • akismet

    A PHP wrapper for the Akismet API.

  • Alerts

    Prologue Alerts is a package that handles global site messages.

  • driesvints.com

    Public repository for my website.

  • Phpconsole

    [NO LONGER MAINTAINED] Prologue Phpconsole is a package for interacting with Phpconsole in Laravel 4.

  • Support

    Prologue Support is an extension for Illuminate Support.

  • Trovster

    A personal blog styled Wordpress theme.

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