Fery Wardiyanto

Fery Wardiyanto

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Developer, Creasi.co


Hi, I'm newbe

Fery Wardiyanto is a member of the community since September 2015.

Projects - 16

  • admin-theme

    Simple Admin Theme built on top Twitter Bootstrap v4

  • bootigniter

    A CodeIgniter-based project boilerplate with some additional features that make development easier

  • cms

    Basic Content Management System built on top of Laravel Framework

  • coba-php

    Just another simple yet modular PHP Application

  • dotfiles

    Just my dotfiles

  • feryardiant.github.io

    My Personal Blog, Powered with Jekyll

  • fpdf

    Unofficial FPDF library with clean and readable code

  • ggs-html

    Project GoodGamingShop (HTML only)

  • id-nik

    Indonesia NIK (Nomor Induk Kependudukan)

  • jpopsuki-style

    Just a stylesheet for my jpopsuki page :)

  • pdfjs-dist

    Build copy of Mozilla PDFJS

  • pemali-html

    Website BPSDA Pemali Comal - Generated with Jekyll

  • smofi

    Slightly Modded Options Framework Improved

  • zgm-wp

    WP Theme for Zet Global Media Website

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