Gavin Love

Gavin Love

London, United Kingdom

CTO, MyBuilder


I'm the CTO of in early 2008 we completely rebuilt it in 10 weeks - with 3 people. It was a vast improvement... better usability, almost no bugs, better performance, and easier to maintain.

Then from mid 2012 until early 2013 our team of 4 developers worked hard to migrate our entire system over to Symfony2, we also changed our coding standards, our HTML/CSS framework and introduced a whole lot of new testing metrics.

Symfony rocks! In our opinion, Symfony is by far the best implementation of an OO framework in PHP, making it a natural environment for us to work in. Mature, stable and well documented, it allows us to develop our system super fast while maintaining terrific quality code. It is the perfect match for us. It takes care of the CRUD, allowing us to put our heads together to solve the complex problems.

Gavin Love is a member of the community since December 2007.

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  • MyBuilder

    MyBuilder is an online marketplace that brings builders and homeowners together, offering an sophisticated platform that promotes and supports high-quality work. Working on a principle of accountability through feedback, tradesmen are rated on their workmanship by those who hire them, making it easier to find high quality builders and for builders to find good quality jobs.

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