Gilles Doge

Gilles Doge

Lausanne, Switzerland



Discovering Symfony in 2007.
In love with Symfony 2.

Co-founder at, a swiss web agency.

Gilles Doge is a member of the community since March 2008.

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    Swiss web agency

  • sonata

    The goal of the Sonata Project is to provide an e-commerce framework solution based on the Symfony2 framework. Think of it as a toolkit based on Symfony2 components to make building e-commerce sites easy and fun! The first components released are: *Admin Bundle* : a bundle to generate robust user friendly administration interfaces *Media Bundle* : a bundle to handle any kind of media. A media can be a file, an image or a streaming video. The SPI lets you create Providers from scratch if needed, or use/extend existing ones. *Page Bundle*: a bundle to easily wrap any Symfony action into a user friendly CMS

  • Switzerland

    Swiss Symfony Group

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