J. Ginés Hernández G.

J. Ginés Hernández G.

Barcelona, Spain

Developer, www.yaencontre.com


I'm a web developer, enthusiast of languages programing.

J. Ginés Hernández G. is a member of the community since December 2007.

Clubs - 3

J. Ginés Hernández G. is a member of these clubs:

  • deSymfony

    Unofficial Spanish Symfony Conference · · · Conferencia no oficial de Symfony en España

  • Ofertix

    Online retail shopping club.

  • symfony-barcelona

    Comunidad de Symfony en Barcelona

Projects - 8

  • GinsenIpinfoBundle

    Ipinfo library wrapper into symfony bundle

  • ipinfo

    Fork for davidepastore/ipinfo

  • musicRecords

    Proof web with symfony 4

  • ObHighchartsBundle

    Symfony2 Bundle that aims to ease the use of highcharts to display rich graph and charts in your Symfony2 application

  • orthohedrons

    PHP demo to calc Volume of two cuboids intersection.

  • photosort

    A small app to rename or copy images files by Exif information of image

  • wine-angular

    Demo test project with angular 1.x and Slim Framework comunicate with Res API

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