Jose R Prieto Pazos

Jose R Prieto Pazos

Lugo, Spain

Project Manager and Developer, joserprieto


Developer and Consultant.
Code, commit, push, pull; code, commit, push, pull; ..

Jose R Prieto Pazos is a member of the community since August 2009.

Projects - 2

  • Orzametal

    Application for budgeting, carpentry metal (aluminum and / or PVC), held in symfony propel + 1.2 + ExtJS 2.2.1 Source code available is only the core, the management of each of the different models of carpentry is not implemented, leaving this to the user since it was a project funded by the Xunta de Galicia, and implementation in each specific carpentry should be custom. The project will expand funcionalides, and gradually get a complete vertical ERP / MRP for sectors Aluminium, PVC and / or Wood carpentry.

  • Web application for sale event tickets and access control to event locations through tickets with unique QR code

    Web application for sale event tickets; valid for numbered and not numbered events; access control to event locations through tickets with unique QR code Online sale. Physical sale on box office, through simple POS Manage of: users, events, events, events sessions, events locations, ticket generation and unique QR codes, access control through validate QR codes, sales, tickets sales. TPV implemented: CECA and Redsys. Client: Public administration.

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