Klaus Silveira

Klaus Silveira

São Paulo, Brazil


I'm a passionate software engineer, with large experience in the development of web applications. My philosophy is to deliver value as early and as frequently as possible, lead my teams to do the same, and have quality software to deliver.

I'm also a speaker and teacher, with experience training new developers the art of software craftsmanship. Quality assurance, best practices and software architecture are my favorite topics of discussion with students. I believe in programming polyglotism, not only because there's a different tool for each job, but because you can learn a lot from different perspectives and paradigms. I believe in clean, maintainable code, and that such code can be written without the sacrifice of deadlines.

Klaus Silveira is a member of the community since February 2012.

Projects - 28

  • Bio_DungeonGenerator_PHP

    A bio-inspired dungeon map generator written in PHP!

  • cachacaware

    cachacaware license

  • Doodle

    Doodle is an experiment, a game that aims to provide a fun audiovisual experience instead of innovative gameplay. It is free and open source software, based on Quake 1 source-code and the NPRQuake project by Alex Mohr. We spent a lot of time adapting, fixing and improving the GLQuake engine, but there's still a lot to do.

  • dotfiles

    Just my dotfiles, nothing to see here.

  • flQuake

    flQuake is a Quake port for the Flash platform with a fancy renderer

  • gitlist

    An elegant and modern git repository viewer

  • gitter

    Gitter allows you to interact in an object oriented manner with Git repositories.

  • Hermeto

    Hermeto is a Android project using ADK to create a multi-user Tenori-on

  • heroku-buildpack-silex

    This is a Heroku build pack for Silex-based apps.

  • jenkins_installer

    Jenkins Installer for my server

  • klaussilveira.github.io

    My website... quite useless.

  • LexicalAnalyzer

    A simple library for lexical analysis written in PHP, inspired by the ideas on Martin Fowler's DSL book.

  • neo4j-client-bundle

    This bundle provides a simple integration of Josh Adell's Neo4jPHP library into Symfony2.

  • neo4j-ogm-bundle

    This bundle provides a simple integration of the Neo4j PHP Object Graph Mapper into Symfony2.

  • neslab

    Repository for my experiments with NES ASM.

  • nodeNES

    A c6502 Nintendo 8 bit compiler written in Javascript

  • phpcs-psr

    A PHP_CodeSniffer sniff to check against the PSR-0, PSR-1 and PSR-2

  • PHPHint

    PHPHint is a quick and easy tool that analyzes your PHP code and looks for potential errors, lack of best practices and code smell. It also allows you to clean your code automagically.

  • pyNES

    Python programming for Nintendo 8 bits

  • sfCASGuardPlugin

    Small modification to integrate sfGuard and CAS

  • SimpleGit

    An abstraction layer for Git repository manipulation using PHP

  • SimpleLDAP

    An abstraction layer for LDAP server communication using PHP

  • SimpleMAP

    A small library for parsing and writing the MAP file format

  • SimpleSHM

    SimpleSHM is a simple and small abstraction layer for shared memory manipulation using PHP. It makes use of the SHMOP functions, built into most PHP packages.

  • SimpleString

    A small library for object-oriented string manipulation with PHP.

  • SublimeNESASM

    SublimeNESASM is NESASM-oriented assembly language syntax definition for Sublime Text 2

  • trollcat

    Trollcat Is Troll!

  • urbanairship-php

    PHP library that provides a simple way to communicate with Urban Airship services

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