Alexander Lisachenko

Alexander Lisachenko

Moscow, Russia

Head of Software Architecture, Alpari


I am working at Alpari (RU), one of the biggest FX Broker, as the Head of Software Architecture. I am author and project leader of the open-source aspect-oriented framework Go! AOP and I'm also a passionate FOSS PHP developer, speaker at conferences (SymfonyCampUA, DevConf, DutchPHP Conference, SymfonyCon-Berlin), guru in Enterprise Architecture.
I like to discuss complex systems and have a strong knowledge in computer science, electronics and of course in PHP. I like to bring cutting-edge IT solutions to non-technical businesses for optimizing processes and solving complex issues.

My slogan is: nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

Alexander Lisachenko is a member of the community since December 2012.

Clubs - 3

Alexander Lisachenko is a member of these clubs:

  • Russian-speaking Symfony community

    Русскоязычное комьюнити Symfony.

  • Symfony CAMP UA

    Symfony Camp UA Conference is dedicated to web applications development using PHP Framework Symfony. The conference is targeted at both professional web-developers and beginners, as well as heads of Internet projects, web studios which are already using or are only planning to use Symfony framework. The main aim of the conference consists in exchange of experience, communication and new contacts.

  • Symfony Moscow

    Moscow user group of passionate developers

Projects - 9

  • Go! AOP Framework

    Go! AOP PHP - modern aspect-oriented framework for PHP with rich features such as method interception, dynamic interfaces, dynamic traits and much more for the new level of software development


    Official site content

  • go-prototype-php

    Prototype programming library for PHP

  • php-deal

    Design by Contract framework for PHP

  • protocol-fcgi

    FastCGI (FCGI) Protocol implementation for PHP

  • warlock

    PHP Warlock is a bridge that integrates AOP and DIC into one powerful component

  • yii2-aspect

    Playground for integration of aspect-oriented programming with Yii2

  • yii-aspect

    Playground for integration of aspect-oriented programming with YII

  • zf2-aspect

    Playground for integration of aspect-oriented programming into ZF2

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