Magnus Nordlander

Magnus Nordlander

Stockholm, Sweden

Symfony/PHP consultant, Fervo AB


Magnus Nordlander is a thirty-something old programmer, who's been working with PHP for more than 10 years, most of which has been using Symfony.

He works at his own consulting company – Fervo AB – where he helps companies get the most out of Symfony, among other things.

Magnus Nordlander is a member of the community since March 2007.

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Magnus Nordlander is a member of these clubs:

  • E-butik

    E-butik develops and provides a user friendly e-commerce solution that works great for big businesses and small businesses alike.

  • Fervo

    Fervo is a consulting business specializing in usable Symfony2 applications. Fueled by nerdy passion, we care as much about your class diagram as we care how your users will find their way on your site.

  • Sound of Symfony

    A club for those you've heard on the Sound of Symfony podcast.

  • Sverige

    Swedish Symfony Users Unite!

  • Symfony Sweden

    Welcome to the Swedish Symfony community! We host meetups, drinkups and other activities, all related to Symfony! In addition to our web page, we also have an IRC channel, #symfony-se at, so feel free to stop by if you want to talk Symfony with other Swedes!

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