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Oscar Otero is a member of the community since September 2015.

Projects - 34

  • awesome-design

    A collection of open resources for web designers

  • bookmarklets

    Simple framework to build bookmarklets easily

  • content-length

    PSR-15 middleware to inject the Content-Length header into the response

  • cSans

    CSS utilities

  • css-style-guide

    My own css style guide

  • css-vars

    Collection of useful css variables

  • dispatcher

    Simple middleware dispatcher for server and client side

  • d.js

    DOM manipulation micro library (~4Kb)

  • domplates

    Easy HTML <template>

  • ejs

    Embedded JavaScript templates -- http://ejs.co

  • Embed

    Get info from any web service or page

  • env

    Simple library to read environment variables and convert to simple types.

  • fig-standards

    Standards either proposed or approved by the Framework Interop Group

  • fly-crud

    Basic crud system built on top of flysystem

  • fol

    Base app to build websites

  • folk

    Universal CMS to use with any web

  • form-manager

    PHP library to create and validate html forms

  • form-manager-bootstrap

    Simple FormManager extension to create bootstrap-like forms

  • fotosdeprendas

    Web para crear e ver galerías de fotos

  • Gettext

    PHP library to collect and manipulate gettext (.po, .mo, .php, .json, etc)

  • GettextRobo

    Robo task to extract gettext values from files

  • gettext-translator

    Javascript gettext translator

  • history-navigator

    Minimalist js library to navigate across the browser history

  • how-to-do-it

    cli utility to help me to remember other cli commands

  • icona

    1 svg + 1 css = multiple icons

  • imagecow

    PHP library to manipulate and generate responsive images

  • inline-svg

    Insert svg in the html so you can use css to change the style

  • jquery-cheatsheet

    jQuery interactive cheatsheet

  • jquery.lazyscript

    Simple jquery plugin to load or transform elements in lazy mode

  • jQuery.media

    jQuery based library to manage video and audio html5 elements

  • letrag

    Codigo fonte da páxina web

  • lugares

    Base de datos con todos os concellos e provincias de España

  • request-handler

    PSR-15 middleware to execute request handlers

  • sublime-snippets

    My sublime text Snippets

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