philippe GODOT

philippe GODOT

Grenoble, France

Développement manager, probesys


probesys is an SSLL base on Grenoble, France. We use symfony since 2009

philippe GODOT is a member of the community since May 2011.

Clubs - 2

philippe GODOT is a member of these clubs:

  • Grenoble

    Pour tous les développeurs qui utilisent Symfony à Grenoble.

  • jeremyFreeAgent

    Trained by jeremyFreeAgent with love <3

Projects - 3

  • conso-solidaires is an ecommerce webshop. The particularity of this site is that is a multi-seller / multi customer plateforme. Is develop with symfony 1.4.

  • postparc

    This application was develop to manage Naturals Parcs Contacts. It was develop with symfony 1.4


    symfony 1.4 ecommerce website. This shop sell audio books in two formats, location and download.

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