Simon Salomonsson

Simon Salomonsson

Copenhagen, Denmark

CEO & Founder, SpotOn Marketing


I'm all about helping local businesses getting more business. I'm the CEO and Founder of SpotON Marketing and I love Social, Local and Mobile.

Simon Salomonsson is a member of the community since July 2016.

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  • Symfony Latvia

    A club for symfony users in Latvia.

  • Symfony Argentina

    The users group of Symfony from Argentina.

  • Symfony Armenia

    Community of Armenian users of Symfony

  • symfony-barcelona

    Comunidad de Symfony en Barcelona

  • Symfony Bolvia

    club for bolivian symfony developers

  • Symfony Brasil

    Clube que reune os desenvolvedores brasileiros que utilizam Symfony.


    Symfony Cameroon community est une communauté de développeurs web, passionnés des NTIC, promoteurs de solutions web, qui travaillent principalement sur les technologies de pointe notamment le PHP et tout ce qui tourne autour de celle-ci.

  • Symfony Chile

    Comunidad de Symfony Chilena - Symfony Chile

  • Symfony Japan

    日本Symfonyユーザー会は、Symfonyを普及させることを第一の目的として有志により設立されました。 現在は特に会則などを定めない有志の集まりとして運営しています

  • Symfony Moscow

    Moscow user group of passionate developers

  • Symfony Portugal

    Symfony Portugal User Group

  • Symfony Sweden

    Welcome to the Swedish Symfony community! We host meetups, drinkups and other activities, all related to Symfony! In addition to our web page, we also have an IRC channel, #symfony-se at, so feel free to stop by if you want to talk Symfony with other Swedes!

  • Symfony Valencia

    Comunidad de Symfony en Valencia

  • Symfony Venezuela

    Comunidad de Symfony Venezuela.

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