Simon Schröer

Simon Schröer

Mainz, Germany

Senior Software Architect, netz98 GmbH


Softwarearchitect & Backend Webdeveloper

Simon Schröer is a member of the community since July 2012.

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Simon Schröer is a member of these clubs:

  • Germany

    Symfony Developers Germany

Projects - 11

  • dicon.js

    Symfony2 inspired dipendency injection container in pure JavaScript

  • git-stats

    :four_leaf_clover: A GitHub-like contributions calendar, but locally, with all your git commits.

  • Guerrilla-SMTPd

    Guerrilla SMTPd is minimalist, event-driven I/O, non-blocking SMTP server. The design goal and purpose of Guerrilla SMTPd is to receive large volumes of email and nothing much else. It happily gobbles down millions of emails every week on a single processor system. (Guerrilla SMTPd is running on - a temporary email address service). If you do invite Guerrilla SMTPd to your system, please remember to feed it with lots of spam, spam is what it likes best!

  • php-library

    This php-library collects some usefull php classes you may use for your daily work. License: MIT

  • RedisMQBundle

    Simple REDIS based message queue

  • splitview.js

    Easy to use and blazing fast splitviews in JavaScript.

  • symfony-docker-edition

    The "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution prepared for usage within boot2docker.

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