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Théo FIDRY is a member of the community since November 2014.

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Projects - 15

  • alice

    Expressive fixture generator.

  • AliceBundleExtension

    Behat extension for HautelookAliceBundle.

  • amelibis

    [OBSOLETE] Web application for handling AMELI LPP items.

  • ApiPlatform

    API-first web framework on top of Symfony with JSON-LD, and Hydra support

  • ApiPlatformCore

    The Hypermedia REST API component of API Platform: JSON-LD and Hydra support, works with Symfony too

  • arrow-rotator

    Simple library to rotate elements and changing their colors depending of the angle.

  • bytes.js

    Nodejs byte string parser.

  • DokuWiki-template

    DokuWiki template developed for the association Wiki.

  • EloquentSerializer

    Symfony Serializer for Eloquent ORM Models (bridge for Laravel and Symfony provided)

  • HautelookAliceBundle

    Bundle for nelmio/alice, a fixtures generator library.

  • Incipio

    [INACTIVE] ERP pour Junior-Entreprises.

  • LaravelYaml

    Laravel ServiceProvider for using YAML configuration files

  • LoopBackApiBundle

    [DEPRECATED] (has been merged in ApiPlatformCore) LoopBack like Doctrine ORM filters for DunglasApiBundle.

  • PsyshBundle

    Bundle for Psysh, a PHP REPL.

  • serializerjs

    Symfony Serializer on the front-end (ES5, ES6 and nodejs).

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