Tobias Sjösten

Tobias Sjösten

Stockholm, Sweden

Founder, Smartburk


Web technician with passion for open source and development.

Tobias Sjösten is a member of the community since January 2010.

Clubs - 1

Tobias Sjösten is a member of these clubs:

  • Symfony Sweden

    Welcome to the Swedish Symfony community! We host meetups, drinkups and other activities, all related to Symfony! In addition to our web page, we also have an IRC channel, #symfony-se at, so feel free to stop by if you want to talk Symfony with other Swedes!

Projects - 3

  • FacebookServiceProvider

    Extension for injecting the Facebook SDK into a Silex application

  • TheTVDB Bundle

    This bundle wraps the TheTVDB API client in a Symfony2 service, making it easy to with integrate the excellent database in your Symfony application.