Vadim Kharitonov

Vadim Kharitonov

Minsk, Belarus

Lead Developer,


I started to write programs at school. I was an attendee at the final of the republic olympiad of informatics. Later, when I was a student, I was taking part at ACM Olympiads (fifth times). Now I am working as a lead developer at company.

Vadim Kharitonov is a member of the community since January 2013.

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  • PHP User Group Minsk

    PHP User Group Minsk is the place to share your knowledge and experience in PHP and related technologies, tools and frameworks. The Group is located in Minsk, Belarus and it's open for everyone.

  • Russian-speaking Symfony community

    Русскоязычное комьюнити Symfony.

  • Symfony CAMP UA

    Symfony Camp UA Conference is dedicated to web applications development using PHP Framework Symfony. The conference is targeted at both professional web-developers and beginners, as well as heads of Internet projects, web studios which are already using or are only planning to use Symfony framework. The main aim of the conference consists in exchange of experience, communication and new contacts.

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